If you are looking at this blog then there is a good chance you write, or design or specialise in something connected to the world of writing and publishing. Just a few days ago, Katie Kirk of Freelancers UK received my November Inspirer newsletter. she so loved my writing tips that she has published it on her website here.

If you are a freelancer based in the UK then you need to consider joining this site along with a few thousand others. Right now there are 120 jobs posted. And if you need a job doing, you can post those too, regardless of where you live. Take a look now.


I have just heard of a great site called Expert Sources. Here you can either find an expert to comment on a given topic – very useful if you are a journalist, or you can register as an expert and the journos contact you. Cool, eh?

I went to sign up right away – yes, there is a fee – but it was UK only. So, I contacted them and had a little moan and now, less than a week later the service is open to anyone, anywhere.

See you there.


I had the great pleasure of meeting Andrea and Jill, who run Expat Women at a conference in Houston. They are keen to tell expat women what other expat women are up to – so go and take a look for yourself. I have just joined their blog list and so should you.

Expat Women Blog Directory

Expat Women—Helping Women Living Overseas

If you are determined to drum up some interest in your book then I’m sure you have got blog already, haven’t you? Expat Writers should register their blogs at the great new site ExpatWomen, run by Andrea Martins and Jill Lengre. I met these whizzy women at the Families in Global Transition conference in March and boy, are they passionate about what they are doing.

Meet Andrea and Jill here, with me in the middle!:

I’ve added my blogs – now you need to add yours.


Fab reviews on Amazon

March 23, 2007

Wow! So many people have been buying my new books Expat Writer and Find Your Passion that Amazon is brimming with reviews. Take a look for yourself. Thanks particularly to my fan Anne Huscroft who seems determined to leave no book of mine unreviewed!

Take a look for yourself


Tipz from Suze

March 12, 2007

I have been much impressed by Suze St Maur’s writing for many years and enjoyed and admired her Tipz from Suze newsletter. Her tips are invaluable and she now has a blog! So, go and take a look right now if you want to keep your skills shiny and polished! 22 back numbers of Tipz are archived too.

Find Suze here here.

Put pix in your prose

February 19, 2007

Last week I went to a fabulous presentation at WIN in Amsterdam. Given by Powerpoint guru, Nick Oulton of M62, we learned that people remember about 10-15% of a presentation that is made up of words and bullet points but a massive 60% if they have pictures in it.

So, if you want readers to remember what you tell them in YOUR books, make sure you have some illustrations.