Like Leslie Ann, in the previous blog entry, Ron van der Krol attended a workshop then booked in for some Book Cooks’ consultancy. After just one session he knew exactly what to do and ‘Native English for Nederlanders’ was published just last month. To find out more go to the website of the Dutch equivalent of the Financial Times here.

Well done Ron


I was overjoyed to hear that American Leslie Ann Bosher, who has attended Jo’s Release the Book Within class and later became a client of The Book Cooks, had her hilarious and insightful account of her life in rural England published by Murdoch Books. To The Manor Drawn tells of how Leslie Ann and her husband, Bill, bought an apartment in a stately home in Rutland and learned the thrills of barrel-rolling, welly wanging, conkers and shove ha’penny. To find out more please go to the Murdoch site here.

Well done Leslie Ann

Get out of the slush pile

September 11, 2007

A great new initiative has begun that brings willing readers together with keen writers and gets those new manuscripts on their way out of the slushpile – that is if they are good enough! The idea is that, writers can submit their manuscripts and then real life readers can comment on them. It sounds like this is a great way to get valuable feedback! So take a look at slushpilereader now.

It sounds to me like a great way to be part of the discovery of the next JK Rowling.

Having just spent a wonderful three weeks in Texas and Mexico I have returned home with a diary full of memories. After years of writing entries like the following:

Got up, had breakfast, went to the beach

I have now learned that a diary can conjure up memories that are more vivid and multilayered than any photograph. Being relaxed my mind is more receptive and I see more clearly than usual, and I am careful to record everything that matters in detail. The conversations, the way people look, dress and walk, their body language. The sunset, the sunrise, the feel of the thick hot air on my face when I open the balcony door, how it really feels to swing in a blue hammock in the shade.

This reminds me of the students I have known who have written about ‘the indescribable view’ or the ‘amazingly beautiful trees’. Neither of these descriptions give the imagination any hint as to what the writer really saw that day.

Write your diaries, make them live again in your mind, so that one day in the future you can enjoy the experience all over again, or use it in one of your books.

Meet my at my booth at the Expatica I am not a tourist fair on 21st October or come and hear my Career in Your Suitcase or Expat Entrepreneur presentation. Whether you are new in town or not this is an event not to be missed.
I am not a tourist

n 2004 Jacqui Tillyard and I wrote a book called Grow Your Own Networks. It has been reprinted several times and is now going to be published in a new, bigger and even better edition by Lean Marketing Press. This time we want to share your stories and give you a chance to share your networking successes.

We are looking for your stories of no more than 200 words each, in which you describe how you used one of the Grow Your Own Networks principles to make a connection that helped you personally or professionally with someone in another country. We are particularly interested in stories that have an internatoinal flavour. Maybe you met someone online who lived in another country, who then became a client? Maybe you had a friend who moved to Spain and helped you grow your business there?

Don’t worry, if your writing is not perfect. We will edit all submissions.

If you want to contribute, please download the attached file and send it to me here.

And don’t forget – if your story appears in the book it will also help you to grow your own networks, so don’t forget to give us your website address!


click here for the Expat Networker questionnaire

One of the toughest things about going abroad is leaving behind grandparents – or grandchildren. You worry about how you will keep this precious relationship alive and seek ways to survive the separation.

Peter Gosling has been a global grandpa for 16 years. He is also a much-published author and my dad! With my help and that of global parent, Anne Huscroft, he is writing a book on this subject designed to inspire, support , inform and help others with families divided by a plane flight.

If you are a global grandparent or grandchild or if you know some please ask them to complete the attached survey and send it to Peter. His details are on the questionnaire. Those completing the questionnaire will know that their experience will help others.

Please help us with this worthwhile project. Global Grandparenting will be published by Zodiac Publishing in 2008.

Click here for the Global Grandparenting questionnaire